“I have been a client of Dr. Steven Paredes for many, many years. I highly recommend Solana Beach Health Center for all of your chiropractic treatments. Recently, I have seen Dr. Steve for my foot injury due to a severe motorcycle accident. He treated me with a new laser technique, which helped my healing process to a major extent.”
—Akram Mansori, Owner of Mirabella Mansori Day Spa.

“I was in a great deal of pain, unable to sleep, or do my regular household chores. My neck, shoulders and upper right arm were in great discomfort. I made an appointment with Dr. Steven Paredes and met with him on three different occasions. I had relief after each session and was pain free after the last meeting. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.”
—Mrs. Jane C. Martin

“I have a lower back problem from an old car accident. My daughter told me to go see Steve about 4 years ago after having aggravated my back again. She works close to Steve’s office and told me about this chiropractor who had a different approach to his adjustments. I went in to see Steve and found his method to be very effective on my back. Recently I have gone in for sessions using the laser therapy he now offers. My back behaves better than it has in years and I attribute the improvement to the laser treatments. I highly recommend Steve and all the services he offers.”
—Richard Learmonth

“Steve is a healer.  He is a superb diagnostician, can pinpoint the origin of a pain, and then do something about it. His Therapeutic Laser is a marvel.”
—Deborah Szekely, Co-founder, Rancho La Puerta Fitness Resort and Spa, Founder Golden Door

“4 ½ years ago, I developed chronic hip pain due to years of too much high impact activity.  My GP’s advice, “Take a pain killer until it’s unbearable then get a hip replacement.” At age 38, I was devastated.  Dr. Paredes homeopathic techniques reduced my pain from an 8 to about a 2.  I still thought this was a pain I would have to endure for life.  Recently, with the addition of the laser technology, I am now pain free.  I can now enjoy activities like golf, hiking and rollerblading again without having to pay for it with increased pain.  I still have to do my homework from Dr. Steve, but I am elated with the results from the laser.  Thank you Dr. Paredes!”
—JayDee Cutting, fitness Instructor

“I am a personal trainer and have years of experience with rehabilitating knees.  In the future, I will be a candidate for knee replacements; however, Steve’s laser treatments have lessened the daily pain and allowed me to stay active.  Thank you Steve!”
—Michael Geraghty

“I work on the computer for too many hours for too many days in a row.  This creates a chronic strain on my neck and upper back.  Receiving adjustments sometimes irritates my neck and back more, but the laser treatments are passive and long lasting.  I need fewer adjustments.  I feel lucky to know Steve and receive is gentle and effective treatments.”
—T. Barsotti